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Save your deposit customers money while creating quality monthly residuals for your institution!

Earn Quick and Easy Residual Payments for Your Financial Institution

  • The financial institution can receive monthly residual payments through a customized compensation program which combines the residual payments and 3rd party revenue streams into a single accounting line.
  • NMSI generally pays the financial institutions on a Revenue Share basis. Meaning, in a standard no liability agreement, the financial institution receives a percentage of the amount due MSP. This percentage is open to negotiation based on commitment levels.
  • Other pay plans are available:
NMSI Referral Partner Program
  • No Liability to the Financial Institution
  • No Set Lead Quotas
  • No Added Cost to the Financial Institution
  • NMSI Handles the Entire Sales Process Start to Finish
NMSI Limited Liability Program
  • Financial Institution Can Assume Various Levels of Liability
  • Garner Higher Profits for Your Institution
  • Designated Field Agent for Your Market
  • Share in the Sales Process
Agent Bank Program
  • Program Specifics will be Tailored to Your Preferences
  • Customizable Liability, Application and Marketing Support
  • Financial Institution Can Handle all Merchant Sales, Applications
  • Provided with Industry-Leading Tools to Manage Your Portfolio
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